December 16, 2012

KADASIG Issue 1 (Chapter 1: A Life Less Ordinary)

Kadasig has served the Lady Ibu for centuries.

He was human, once. But today, he is a living, breathing kutummu, his skin now merely the scabbard for the seemingly infinite array of weapons he draws from inside himself, weapons he shapes from his own flesh and bone, to best serve the Lady in the only way he truly knows how.

He is the Lady’s kallaapu; her knight, her enforcer.

He is her beet tilli; her arsenal.

He is her kak daami; her bloodstained weapon.

And she is about to use him to finally lay her enemies low.

Volume 1: The Skeleton at the Feast

Chapter 1: A Life Less Ordinary

Written by David Hontiveros
Art by Ian Sta. Maria